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Our wood model designs have been inspired by real-life prototypes

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Poseidon Undersea Palace

What’s above the water is a beautiful seaside home—what’s beneath the water is as mysterious and beautiful as the oceans themselves. The Poseidon Undersea Palace is truly breathtaking, with its upscale, coastal charm—and the two floors of underwater paradise—you’re taken to a world of submarine whimsy.

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Kyoto Onsen 森の庭

Kyoto Onsen 森の庭 typified by wooden structures, elevated slightly off the ground, with tiled or thatched roofs. On the outside, there is a traditional Japanese garden and pavilion with a pond. The ground floor is designed into two separate rooms - a cultural living room & dining room. Entering to the first floor through stairs, there are a big bedroom and dressing area. On the other side, a particular training room with traditional Chinese musical instrument is prepared. On the third floor, there is a private workplace for calligraphy, reading and work. There is a balcony for your own tea time.

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Testimonials - Don't take our word for it

I am 48 years old and have found my new favorite winter-time hobby....making miniatures! This is so much fun, but it takes a lot of time and attention to detail. The results are always extremely awarding. I now have 2 favorite Woodieraw miniature kits, the quality of the materials is excellent.

A. Banford

San Diego, CA

I had so much fun putting this together. A little history...I have severe panic attacks (3+ a week), putting this together helped me so much. I actually went 6 days without a panic attack. 


New York, NY

I absolutely LOVE this, so much so I've purchased others in the series. A bit daunting on first opening the box to find that each element of the build is a mini-kit in itself - and there are over 50 elements in this one. Definitely a kit for adults


United Kingdom

This is my second time working on a minature. Took me 5 days to assemble including the dust cover that came with it. Great value and great way to spend time while having to stay inside due to the COVID-19 concerns. This was totally relaxing and enjoyable.


Houston, TX

My 8yo picked this out thinking it was all prefabricated. Imagine my surprise when I saw she had laid out several hundred itsy bitsy pieces on the dining room table. However it ended up being an absolutely delightful project! She lost interest by page two but I couldn’t put it down! Looking for the next one to calmly pass these next several stressful homebound weeks (or months)