About DreamIsY

DreamIsY, aims to provide the best experience of unique, self-propelled, dedicated DIY models, puzzle boxes and educational toys. Our mission is to preserve craftsmanship and knowledge from generation to generation, to delight modelers of all ages, bringing lovers, families and friends together as they build and share these beautiful models. 

Our models are full of details, creativity, love and look just like a real house which you can always feel the dedication and effort in building something from the ground through the assembling process and of course, the fulfilment and joy after you finish assembling.

Best activity among family and friends 

DreamIsY models are the best way to spend time with your loved ones. Escape from the digital world and getting creative and crafty with our DIY Dollhouse sets. 

DreamIsY’s 3D models are called to interest the young people in the creation of the physical objects and awaken the desire to spend time mastering something great with hands, attention, logic, problem-solving and abstract thinking through the assembling process and imagination.

And of course, we honor the traditions and nature. Therefore, all parts are made of sustainable, eco-friendly wood with accurate and precise cutting and you can easily find the right item by following the instructions provided. In the process, you will find the excitement, meaningful and educational elements. 

As a gift

DreamIsY model is the best gift to your loved ones, unlike an ordinary gift, this is something that you built with your own hand and of course with your love. People who received it will definitely feel it.